Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Greenring?

Greenring creates a deeper connection between people of influence and their followers. With a small monthly fee you gain access to your favorite creator or celebrity’s exclusive Instagram close friend’s list. Each person on our roster has partnered with a charity or non-profit, and by becoming their close friend you are directly supporting that organization and the communities it serves.

How Does Greenring Support Non-Profits?

Each person of influence on Greenring donates a portion in the amount of their own choosing to one of our affiliated nonprofits.

Do I Have To Use Greenring To View The Stories?

No, Greenring is just a facilitator to ensure you’re added to whomever’s close friends list you subscribed to.

I’ve Signed up, Now What?

Once you have signed up and completed your purchase, you will receive an email that we have accepted your payment and username. Please allow 3-5 business days to be added to the list. Upon being added to the list, we will send you an email confirming that you are now the creator's Greenring.

I Did Not Include My Instagram Handle, Now What?

Please contact with your order number and Instagram handle so we can get you added ASAP.

I Received a Confirmation Email That I Have Been Added To The List, But I Do Not See Anything Posted To their close friends list content?

If you have been added to the list and don’t see any posts on their close friends content, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you haven’t been added. The creators may not be posting on their story daily, so it is possible the day you are added you will not see anything. Check the creator's page for the next 3 days and if you don’t see any content, email us.

My Favorite Creator Doesn't Have A Greenring Account?

We are always adding more creators, but if you would like to send your favorite celebrity or influencer our way, let them know by tagging @Greenring on their Instagram page! Or email us at

A Charity I Would Like To Support Isn’t Listed On The Website?

Our mission is to support and give visibility to the most relevant and impactful charities of the moment. Please email us to let us know which charity you would like to see added.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and Apple Pay.

I Got Removed Off The Greenring List, What Does That Mean?

You were removed either due to payment processing issues or violating our Terms Of Service. Please remember that this is an opportunity to see exclusive content from your favorite creator(s) while raising money for various non-profit organizations. This is not a way to harass, solicit inappropriate images, or sell products to the creator. Any violations of our Terms of Service will result in removal of your name from the list. If you feel you were wrongfully removed or it was done by mistake, please email us.

I Signed Up For Greenring, But I Am No Longer Interested. Now What?

Sorry to hear you are leaving us! We appreciate your support in our initiative to raise money for non-profit organizations worldwide. Please email us and we will have you removed from the accounts whose Greenring you’ve joined and future payments cancelled. No refunds will be provided.